Lady Lyn L. Medenilla Chief Leader of CAD Operation Division

Please tell us about your work and role

As a Chief Leader of CAD Operation Division, my responsibilities cover a broad range of works including the management of staffs, planning project schedules and liaison with the Japanese managers.

I also contribute to assure the quality of our drawings and perspectives by checking new rules and reminding it to staff members.

I need to communicate with the leaders of each team and monitor their performance and organize each teams. I find my work is challenging sometimes, but I think I am honored our staff.

Time schedule


8:00 Morning Assembly
Report Attendance
Reminding some drawing rules
8:10 Download Orders / Checkback from Japan
Supporting other staff for drawing
Confirming drawing presentation/items/rules…etc
10:00 Follow up drawing status of due plans
Send data to Japan
Encode some plan while waiting for final checking
11:00 Lunch break
12:00 Make reference if with New RULES
Download Orders / Checkback from Japan
Final checking of drawing
14:00 Follow up drawing status of due plans
Send data to Japan (if with for sending)
Supporting other staff for drawing
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Update Time monitoring
Final checking for sending data
16:00 Send data to Japan
16:30 Remind assigned office cleaners
Final checking of drawing
Double Checking ( Sent data )
16:50 Download Orders / Checkback from Japan
17:00 Leaving work

Jervin L. Angeles Leader of Architecture Project

What is your work and how do you like working at TCDC?

My responsilibity is leading Shinseizu team and assisting a Chief Leader.

I like working here at TCDC first because of the work not that too stressful.

And we are given the time to stress out by the activities like christmas party, outing and dinner meetings. Second, all our superior is good listeners, especially in case of emergency. They always listen to us before taking action.

Raechelle D. Cueto Leader of Electricity Project

What is your work and role, and tell us about anything you give attention to work?

Denkizu team is comprised of 3 members and because it is small, I try to encourage members to communicate openly. That makes the work environment stress-free and interesting, which I believe motivates and inspires the team to achieve the objective. I am open to them and support and encourage them for their improvement. This is my favorite phrase: “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” – Phil Jackson

Mark T. Belsondra Leader of Structure Project

What's your role and How do you like working at TCDC.

I been working at TCDC since its start-up in 2014 and I like working here because of my own work and all the people.

Now, I am in charge of Kouzou team as the team leader.

The project is comparatively new and we have been working in order to get this project on the right track.

Learning new rules and training new staff are not easy, but I enjoy leading the team and learn new things.

So if given a chance, I would like to stay and work here for many more years to come.

Jean C. Diquit Leader of Perspective Project

What made you work at TCDC and how do you like working at TCDC.

When I saw the job description of the company, I thought it suits me well because the required skills match with my own attributes and experiences, and I applied for this job.

I’ve been working for this company for almost 10 years and I am a Section Leader of Perspective and the team is dealing with Exterior & Interior.

I can see myself growing professionally in this position, sharing new ideas and learn new things from each other. I like the working atmosphere, the people around me and how the company gave equal opportunities for all employees regarding their status.